The Indigenous Futurisms Mixtape

All systems go! So excited to launch the   in collab with! Download:

Yesterday dropped the most futuristic mixtape, coinciding with the release of our 8th issue: Indigenous Futurisms, launching on November 22nd in Saskatoon, SK.

Thanks to @culturite and @spaceNDN for their amazing work! Download it now!

This mixtape features readings from contributors to issue 8: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Peter Morin and Guest Editor: Elizabeth LaPensee.

The beats are powerful and transcendent. Whether you are traveling back in time to talk to ancestors or warp speeding forward to herd space sheep in the outer galaxies, this is the mix to take you there. It is the soundtrack for a liberated future drawn deeply from our collective pasts. In creating this playlist and indeed in all our futurist imaginings, we are deeply indebted to the Afrofuturists and the traditions they come from. All systems go; full speed ahead to the future.

The Indigenous Futurisms mixtape is a journey through the intertwined Afro-Indigenist histories of colonized life on our current planet, that reaches for decolonial worlds beyond the beyond. From 2oolman and Flying Lotus to King Britt and John Mohawk,Sun Ra and Savage Family to Princess Nokia and DJ Shub, from Boogey the Beat to Erykah Badu,Shabazz Palaces to Silver Jackson, Autechre to A Tribe Called Red, Darkstar to Ryan Dennison, through many other voices in between—this is a recombinant constellation of ideas and energies, sounds and forces. Dreams of new destinations out.

We can’t get enough!